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Earn Money By Selling Your Stock Footage on XStockvideo.

Apply to Be a Contributor

To sell footage you must create a contributor account. You can do this by following the instructions on this page. Afterwards you will be directed to the signup page where you can create an account.

Submit Samples of Your Work

After you created an account you will need to submit some footage. These are the videos that we'll be using to evaluate your suitability as a contributor. So you will want to send your very best work.

Low Prices, Big Profits

The prices are low. but due to the high sale rate on XStockvideo, small prices can create big profits pretty fast..
Before you can create an account, make sure you read and understand the folowing rules about selling and sharing footage at XStockvideo.

Ownership & Copyrights

To avoid getting into trouble later,
make sure that you don't break any of the following rules.

You must be the original videographer.

You must be the individual that recorded the video with your camera. If you were not the original videographer, most likely, you are not legally allowed to upload and sell the video. If you are submitting a motion background you must be the creator of that motion background. If you are submitting video that includes some type of artwork, you must be the one who created the artwork, unless it is so old that copyright law does not apply. Typically items created before 1920 fit in to this category.

Re-touched video's acquired from other stock video sources are not allowed.

You may not purchase video from any other stock video source, re-touch it or change it, and then upload it to our website for sale. This is very important. If you do so, you will be liable. If video is uploaded that you do not own, your account will be immediately cancelled.

Logos, advertisements, and copyrighted graphics of any kind may not be visible in your video.

Footage submitted may not contain any recognizable logo, advertisement, copyrighted graphics, images, or artwork. Examples: You would not be able to use footage if there is a recognizable McDonald's sign in the background. You would not be able to use artistic footage moving across a newspaper page if a recognizable magazine ad is shown. You have footage of a modern sculpture outside of your city museum. This would not be acceptable, as this sculpture would be copyrighted by the artist. Art produced prior to 1920 is usually allowed, as the work is typically public domain.

You need a model release if your footage has any recognizable faces

We encourage you to submit footage using a model(s), but it must be accompanied by a signed model release. When you upload your footage you will have the chance to upload your model release. Print out the model release and have it filled out and signed. Then, scan it, or take a picture of it and upload it when you submit your footage using our model release page. If the person is a minor, you must have a parent or guardian sign the release. If your footage has any recognizable face without a model release, it will be declined.

Visual Requirements

Quality shots need quality techniques. Every video you upload must be professionally filmed.
Make sure your footage uploaded to xstockvideo has the following characteristics:

Proper focus and composition

Make sure there are no smudges or dirt spots on your lens. Also, every shot must have a quality composition and proper focus. Make sure you have colorfull footage, no dull color or black and white footage.

Use of a tripod.

In general, a tripod should be used for most of your shots. Make sure when using a tripod to avoid camera vibration. If shooting with a hand-held device, the motion must be smooth.

Professional light techniques

Make sure you have no harsh shadows. Some types of video lighting should be used for indoor settings. For outdoor light, control techniques should be implemented.

Limited use of added effects

You should only add filter and color enhancements if this improves your shot, not to cover up major defects made during shooting. We will only accept effected or filtered shots if the effects and filters add to the artistic quality of the shot.

These are also types of files we DO NOT like.
Please do not upload footage with the folowing characteristics.

No shaking or bad exposure

Do not upload any footage that is shaking or has vibrations in them. Footage that is under or overexposed will also not be accepted.

No still scenes

We want there to be some type of motion in your shots. If your subject matter doesn't have much motion in it, then create this yourself by making a time-lapsed shot, using a glidetrack, or ensuring there are enough moving elements, like traffic or grass/trees with the wind blowing through them.

No existing presets

Rendering out standard/included presets from motion graphics software or plugins and uploading these is not allowed.

No controversial footage

We reserve the right to refuse any content that we consider pornographic, obscene, offensive, sexually suggestive, or controversial, or footage that simply does not fit into the XStockvideo library. Footage including nudity or sexually suggestive themes will not be accepted.

Commission & Payout

50% Commission

For every sale, you will receive a 50% commission. You can keep track of your commissions through your contributor's profile. Every fist week of the month, if your commission balance has reached above $50, it will automaticly be paid out to your PayPal account. Only amounts bigger than $50 will be paid out.

You need a Paypal account

We use PayPal to payout the earnings. if you don't have a PayPal account, you can create one here: For every payout you receive you will typically pay a fee of 2.9% + $0.30 USD per transaction to PayPal (price may vary).

Footage will partly be offered for free

Note that all the footage that you upload wil be offered for free in the smallest resolution. Currently, that is 960x540. With this, we want to make stock footage more accessible to everyone.

Make Sure You Understand

I have read and agreed with:

Ownership & Copyrights
Visual Requirements
Commission & Payout